What’s Eating Trestin Meacham?

What’s Eating Trestin Meacham? is a podcast about identity, faith and how people with divergent beliefs can find common ground, inspired by the artist’s real-life namesake, a Utah-based Mormon, and their journey to connect.

Tristan Meecham is a performance artist and Artistic Director of All the Queens Men. Through a relational engagement practice, he co-designs creative projects that improves access not only to arts experiences but to broader community health and social services. He has become a leading creative voice within the LGBTI+ community nationally and internationally.

Working with sound artists Jess Fairfax and Luke Smiles, Tristan is telling the story of discovering he has a namesake via being a recipient of online abuse, and the almost unbelievable coincidence that like himself, Trestin Meacham also undertakes acts of durational performance – most recently a hunger strike to protest against the U.S Supreme Court ruling that legalised same sex marriage.

Creative Team: Writer and performer – Tristan Meecham; Sound editor – Jess Fairfax; Sound designer – Luke Smiles