French & Mottershead


Presented by Vitalstatistix in association with the South Australian Maritime Museum

Take a boat ride up the Port River and listen to the story of your body’s afterlife – dissolving and disintegrating, as it is borne over time and place, through a widening river and out to sea.

Waterborne is the story of micro-inhabitations, decay and the flow of matter. Forensically researched, stunningly lyrical and deeply life affirming, this audio artwork brings science and imagination together in a surprising, beautiful meditation on our watery bodies and the cycle of life and death.

It’s a uniquely unnerving experience but for some reason, as we disembark all those who have been through it appear uplifted. Perhaps thankful they haven’t drowned, but definitely enriched by what is a genuinely remarkable piece.’ Caught by the River

“It’s an experience that mixes the putrid and the poetic, and manages, by bringing the participant face-to-face with death, to be wonderfully life-affirming.” ABC

Image: Briony Campbell

Creative Team

Creators: Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead; Science advisers: Dr Carolyn Rando and Prof Shari Forbes; Voice: Sarah Kants; Audio post production: Pascal Wyse; Host: Alexis West


south australian maritime museum


Waterborne was initially funded by The Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England. The Australian adaptation was supported and premiered with Dark Mofo in 2018.

Project Dates

6pm and 7:30pm, 4th – 8th December
On board the Archie Badenoch, Port River, Port Adelaide
Tickets: $20 - $25, available in October