THE RABBLE is an established artist-led company creating experimental feminist artworks. Theatrical, surreal, rigorous and provocative, no one makes work like THE RABBLE. In 2021, THE RABBLE celebrates 15 years of artmaking. Artistic Directors Kate Davis and Emma Valente formed THE RABBLE in 2006 from a desire to make visually ambitious, political, feminist and formally experimental work. Comprising a 2-person total creative team, THE RABBLE create content through an improvisational methodology using poetry, prose, image, tableaus and gesture. They aim to often radically repopulate familiar stories with female voices and aesthetics and points at subterranean feminist concepts in iconic stories from folklore and literature.THE RABBLE seek to make an impactful contribution to feminist discourse in Australia. THE RABBLE previous works have asked questions around; motherhood (Frankenstein, Unwoman), gendered violence (Cain and Abel), sexuality and consent (Story of O), the politics of sacrifice (Joan).