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Adhocracy Artists

national artist hothouse

supporting the development of new art and performance

Adhocracy is Vitalstatistix’s national hothouse, supporting the creative development of new experimental and multidisciplinary arts projects. Artists from around Australia join us to create and converse in one space (our beautiful, heritage-listed home, Waterside, in Port Adelaide) over the first weekend of Spring.



  MISH GRIGOR is an artist whose work investigates the relationships between popular entertainment and experimental art practices. She enjoys moments of great theatricality placed very close to the absolutely mundane, and has an ongoing fascination with new writing for performance. Mish is one third of the collaboration POST, formed in 2003, with Zoe Coombs Marr […]
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Valerie Berry and Ben-Hur Winter

Border Crossers is the first collaboration between Valerie Berry and Ben-Hur Winter. VALERIE BERRY Valerie Berry is an Adelaide trained actor and performance maker. Throughout her practice, she has focused on collaborative and interdisciplinary processes. She has worked with, National Theatre of Parramatta (Swallow, 2016), Cake Industries (Superbox Friends: Sydney Festival 2016, Robotronica Festival 2015), […]
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Martyn Coutts and Caitlin Comerford

The Creative team for Dirty Harry consists of three artists Martyn Coutts, Caitlin Comerford and Duane Morrison. Martyn and Caitlin are attending Adhocracy while Duane works remotely from Melbourne. Martyn Coutts  Martyn Coutts is an interdisciplinary artist based in Australia with a postgraduate degree from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. The work he […]


The creative team for DON’T READ THE COMMENTS comprises Ben Brooker, Elliot Howard, Bridget Mackey, and Lucy Slattery. Ben Brooker Ben Brooker is a writer, editor, critic, essayist, director, and playwright. Ben has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) with a major in drama from Flinders University and an Advanced Diploma of Professional Writing from Adelaide […]
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Liam Colgan with Lz Dunn

Liam Colgan will be working with Lz Dunn on Maybe You, Maybe You, Maybe Even You in the weeks leading up to and during Adhocracy 2017 in a mentorship format. They will meet before the project and then will discuss the work via Skype consultations over the first three days of Adhocracy before Lz joins Liam on […]
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Solo for (Hu)man and Foam brings together long-time collaborators, dance-makers and multidisciplinary artists Alison Currie and Alisdair Macindoe with Lewis Rankin. Alison Currie Alison Currie makes and performs dance. Alison has a Masters in Choreography and Performance (2015) and a BA of Dance Performance (2003). Her major works include: I Can Relate (video) commissioned as part of […]
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Meg Wilson

Meg is working on SQUASH! with Emma Valente, Ashton Malcolm, Belinda Gehlert, Josephine Were, Kialea-Nadine Williams, Michelle Maddog Delaney and Stephanie Lyall. Meg Wilson Meg Wilson is an Adelaide-based interdisciplinary artist who works predominantly with large-scale and site-specific installation and performance. Her visual art and theatre design practices are mutually influential and frequently overlap. Meg […]
Silent Key c

Sisters Akousmatica

Sisters Akousmatica is Pip Stafford and Julia Drouhin are at Adhocracy for the early stages development of The Silent Key.  Sisters Akousmatica Pip Stafford and Julia Drouhin create curatorial and written international projects concerning collective radio practices, auditory-spatial exploration and the intersection of gender and emergent art forms , to support, promote and cultivate women’s voices […]
Tiyan Baker

Tiyan Baker

Tiyan Baker is working with a Buddhist congregation, Adelaide-based Buddha House and controversial online morbid content forum r/WatchPeopleDie on the development of The Witness.  Tiyan Baker Tiyan Baker is a video and sound artist based in Sydney. Her practice explores the emotional and spiritual experience of the self as embedded in greater socio-political and cultural contexts. Baker works […]