Alison Currie and Alisdair Macindoe (SA/VIC)


Solo for (Hu)man and Foam brings together long-time collaborators, dance-makers and multidisciplinary artists Alison Currie and Alisdair Macindoe, and their mutual interest in the place of objects and subjects in performance.

This new dance work uses the materiality of the waste product Styrofoam to explore the fragility of the human – in performance and in the biosphere. At its most frivolous Solo for (Hu)man and Foam is a playful dance experiment; at its deepest it reflects the possibilities and limits to individual change in the face of environmental disaster.

For this early-stage development, the artists will focus on the conceptual, choreographic and sound components of Solo for (Hu)man and Foam, working with dancer Lewis Rankin.

Creative team: Alison Currie, Alisdair Macindoe and Lewis Rankin


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 1.28.06 pmSupported by a grant from the Department of Premier and Cabinet.