Border Crossers

Valerie Berry and Ben-Hur Winter (SA)


Border Crossers is a new, durational work drawing from ideas surrounding the performance of identity, ‘borderless’ worlds and global change movements.

The work builds upon a persona, Oriental Warrior Terrorista Señorita, originally created by performance artist Valerie Berry for The Living Museum of Fetishized Identities (Performance Space 2001/2003), curated by Guillermo Gomez Pena.

In this creative development, contemporary dance practitioner Ben-Hur Winter joins Berry; together they will create ‘rebel political warriors’, hybrid forms of the artists’ complex selves. Their Filipino heritage, theatre-making and queer performance practices will be drawn upon, to comprise the core of the personas, which may exist in a theatre, gallery, dance club, an alley, or even a church.


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Supported by a grant from the Department of Premier and Cabinet.