Emily Parsons-Lord


Climate Century commission

There is Nothing Accidental or Surprising About This is a three year long durational artwork that uses the (re-created) air of The Great Dying to form tree rings of 13 pines. The Great Dying is the greatest extinction event in Earth’s history and coincides with high levels of carbon dioxide, the pines serve as a living memento mori, a monument to extinction events, and a record of this radical and rapacious Anthropocene.

Over the course of three years Emily Parsons-Lord will consciously falsify the records of tree ring growth in young pine trees, including the endangered, ‘dinosaur’ Wollemi Pine, by manipulating their climatic and environmental conditions to reflect those of The Great Dying. The pines will also be symbolically exposed to spoken discourses about climate change and taken on a tour from Sydney to Adelaide.

A series of works will document the pines through video, image, performance and talks, before the trees are permanently planted and left to record the actual climate conditions of Adelaide. The pines will track the passage of time by their growth rings and form part of a century/millennia long performance… or succumb to the heat or the floods.


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Project Dates

Climate Century Lab:
28 November - 3 December
Public Program:
Friday 1 December
6pm - 9pm