The Unbound Collective


Sovereign Acts III – REFUSE is the third work in a trilogy of research, video and performance works by The Unbound Collective.  Called Bound and Unbound: Sovereign Acts, the trilogy has explored the capacity of ideas to both bind and set free, alongside cultural continuance and institutional containment.

Sovereign Acts III – REFUSE continues this collective investigation through the lens of environmental campaigning. The work examines the symbolic and historical representations of sovereignty through protest, and the relationships of political power to the generation of energy.

The Unbound Collective stand in solidarity with Aboriginal communities who oppose mining, toxic waste dumps and bombs on their countries.

This work will explore critical -creative resistance and refusal to acts of environmental degradation on Aboriginal land,  and the role of Aboriginal women in Caring for Country work and environmental justice campaigns.

Creative team

Ali Gumillya Baker, Simone Ulalka Tur, Faye Rosas Blanch and Natalie Harkin


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Project Dates

Climate Century Lab:
28 November - 3 December
Public Program:
Friday 1 December
6pm - 9pm