Adhocracy Residency

Second Hand Emotions

Second Hand Emotions is our annual Adhocracy residency. This year’s project is a process-driven, queer and discursive exploration of ‘love and feminism’.

Each year Vitalstatistix hosts a unique artist-in-residence initiative. Guest Australian artists join us to develop a new project, working with a team of South Australian collaborators, in the two weeks leading up to Adhocracy.

This year’s commissioned project, Second Hand Emotions, is presented in partnership with artist-run initiative Fontanelle, in celebration of their relocation to Port Adelaide and the epic, multi-sited feminist art festival, FRAN.

Second Hand Emotions is a process-driven, queer and discursive project responding to the provocation of ‘love and feminism’, the theme of Fontanelle’s keynote exhibition during FRAN.

Led by artists Mish Grigor, SJ Norman and Sarah RodigariSecond Hand Emotions will develop performative, documentary and other responses for presentation at Adhocracy and installation as part of Fontanelle’s Feminism and Love exhibition.

Lead artists

Mish Grigor is an artist whose work investigates the relationships between popular entertainment and experimental art practices. She enjoys moments of great theatricality placed very close to the absolutely mundane, and has an ongoing fascination with new writing for performance.

SJ Norman is a cross-disciplinary, body-centred artist and writer. Their work traverses performance, installation, sculpture, text, video and sound. They are a proud Indigenous Australian of both Wiradjuri and European heritage, living and working between Europe and Australia.

Sarah Rodigari is an artist whose work is an ongoing practice of wrong reading. Working between visual art, performance and social practice, her work can be site-specific, minor in scale and poetic in address, from endurance actions, to one-on-one contractual performances, and text-based works.


Celeste Martin, Grace Marlow, Jennifer Greer Holmes, Rebecca Mayo, Rebecca Meston, Sarah Jayde Tracey and Suzannah Kennett Lister.


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Supported by a grant from the Department of Premier and Cabinet. 

Project Dates

The Second Hand Emotions residency will take place at Vitalstatistix, 11 Nile St Port Adelaide, between Thursday 24 August and Sunday 3 September.