Latai Taumoepeau


Climate Century commission

“You and I are still riding the tranquil wave of the sacred shore. Let us not slacken or relinquish this precious heritage, but let us hold fast for it is still our grand display of sweet smelling flowers to waft abroad and throughout Tonga at all times”. Ma’u Matāpule, Poet, Composer and Nima tapu (Tongan Royal undertaker)

In Loving Memory eulogises forgotten island nations of Oceania, evoking a series of surreal and devastated Pacific Island landscapes, depleted of natural resources for the benefit of Australians.

One example is Banaba Island in Kiribati. Similar to Nauru, it was rich in phosphate and was mined in the 1900s by a consortium venture of Australia, New Zealand and Britain, resulting in the island nation becoming uninhabitable and the Indigenous Banabans exiled to Fiji.

Using her body-centred performance methodologies, as well as a new exploration of interactivity, Latai Taumoepeau seeks to engage contemporary audiences in an understanding of communities and nations at the frontline of climate change. In Loving Memory will challenge the passive bystander and beneficiary of environmental dominance and disaster to understand the past and change the future. Made in collaboration with filmmaker and game designer Elias Nohra, the work will utilise VR technology.

Creative team

Latai Taumoepeau and Elias Nohra


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Project Dates

Climate Century Lab:
28 November - 3 December
Public Program:
Friday 1 December
6pm - 9pm