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Each year Vitalstatistix undertakes projects, presentations and partnerships with like-minded organisations. These projects can grow out of other programs we offer such as Adhocracy and our Incubator residencies; they can be yearly partnerships such as with St. Jerome’s Laneway festival; or they can be special initiatives, which increase opportunities and platforms available to artists.

This year we are excited to partner with organsations including Aphids, Tarnanthi – Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, Art Gallery of South Australia, and Performance & Art Development Agency (PADA), to offer a series of exhibitions, site-specific and residency-made works, work-in-progress showings and other creative developments.

In particular, our partnership with PADA contributes to the development of five new works and a series of Adelaide city-based showings.



Temple of Love

In 2017 celebrate living and longing, loss and lust, at Temple of Love. Throw yourself headlong into heartfelt declarations, sweet goodbyes, hauntings and ritual, all set within a dance party.


Brad Harkin


Presented by Vitalstatistix in association with TARNANTHI: Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art.

New Image

Halcyon Macleod and Willoh S. Weiland

Crawl Me Blood

Crawl Me Blood takes you into a Botanical Gardens at night to encounter the family saga at the centre of Jean Rhys’ seminal work of post-colonial fiction.

Laz-MC solo shot

Larissa McGowan


Cher breaks convention, challenges the system and somehow remains a constant. Choreographer, dancer and fan, Larissa McGowan, will use Cher’s iconic figure as a totem in order to flesh out the real possibilities of personal-political transformation.

Duncan 1

Chris Scherer


In 1903 dance pioneer Isadora Duncan gave her speech ‘The Dance of the Future’, which became a manifesto of free dance. “The dancer [of the future] will not belong to a nation but to all humanity.” Chris Scherer will investigate the nature of liberty, as such ‘dancer of the future.’

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Daniel Von Jenatsch

The Exaltation of Enheduanna

The Exaltation of Enheduanna is a live sound and video work by Daniel Von Jenatsch. It combines ancient history with speculative fiction to imagine a scenario in which a future archaeologist discovers the ruins of an ancient Martian colony established in the late 2050’s and, along with it, transcriptions of the world’s earliest known poet Enheduanna in the video diaries of Astronaut X.


Rebecca Conroy


Iron Lady is a performative research project and comedic intervention into the finance district by an artist armed with an ironing board. The work starts from the premise that finance is an experimental playground that peddles in speculation, fiction, and value creation.


David Rosetzky and Jo Lloyd


Speech Pattern is an investigation into contemporary subjectivity utilising performance, video and installation. The work draws from the fields of dance and the moving image, alongside queer, feminist and psychoanalytic theory.