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2017 Program


Welcome to Vitalstatistix’s 2017 program, jam packed with new commissions, residencies, labs, partnerships, events and a calendar of performance and art to see throughout the year.

Vitalstatistix is a small art and artist development organisation. We focus on fostering experimentation, risk, research and new collaborations; and we connect artists with audiences who are interested in a live experience of progressive ideas, creative process and expanded artistic practices.

In light of the changing Federal arts landscape, which has affected us as well as the artists we work with, this year we have firmly focused our resources on the commissioning and creative development of new work. We are extremely excited about and proud of this approach, including a number of new opportunities for artists and partnerships this has opened up.

Throughout the year we will present a program of public work-in-progress showings in Port Adelaide and the Adelaide CBD, alongside other events and exhibitions. For those familiar with our annual experimental arts hothouse, Adhocracy, think of Vitals 2017 as Adhocracy extended across the year!

2017 includes an expanded residency program, six new commissions through our Climate Century program, a partnership with Performance & Art Development Agency supporting five new works, the return of Adhocracy for its eighth year, and partnerships and presentations with organisations including Aphids, Tarnanthi – Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, Art Gallery of South Australia, and Country Arts SA.

Climate change, decolonisation, feminism, queer performance and progressive social change continue as key themes of many of the works we are supporting.

Seeing the creative process of artists, and participating in experimentation and social investigation, is the hallmark of Vitalstatistix – it is a unique offer that we make to both artists and audiences of art. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year.

Below is a calendar of key events. Subscribe to our Vital News and follow our social media for updates about projects, events and new opportunities for artists announced throughout the year. You can also read our monthly blog Vital Conversations for in-depth interviews with artists about their works.

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival/Temple of Love: Friday 3 February, Waterside

Duncan: Friday 7 April, Art Gallery of SA’s First Friday

Drive: Friday 12 May and Saturday 13 May, Waterside

Cher/Speech Pattern (double bill): Friday 26 and Saturday 27 May, Adelaide

Super Imposition: Friday 30 June and Saturday 1 July, Waterside

Speechless: Friday 28 July and Saturday 29 July, Waterside

Adhocracy (nine new works): 1-3 September, Waterside

Second Hand Emotions: 1-3 September then 8 September onwards, Waterside and Fontanelle

Loss.Gain.Reverb.Delay.: Wed 18 October – Sunday 5 November, Waterside

Enheduanna: Friday 27 and Saturday 28 October, Nexus Arts, Adelaide

Iron Lady: November, Adelaide

Climate Century lab and public event (six new works): 29 November – 3 December, Waterside

Artists-in-residence – artist talks (Emma Beech and Points in the Plane double bill): December, date TBA, Waterside

Crawl Me Blood: in development 2017, premiere 2018

Read more about the artists we are working with in 2017 here.